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Optimal Nutrition


Health, vitality, longevity, with the grace of a balanced diet and nutritional advice from R.J. Training can start anybody in the right direction.


Completing your nutritional values with proteins, vitamins, minerals and oglio elements are essential to preserve your health.


Optimal nutrition = the absorbing of nutrition that can:

• Guarantee a mental vitality and an affective optimal balance

• Allows you to keep & conserve your physical form

• Prevents sickness & disease

• Assures longevity & vitality


R.J. Training proposes also Bio-Zm test that can measure all these elements and establish a diagnosis with precision for the state of your body.


Concerning your weight


When you lose weight you don’t necessarily lose the fat mass. In effect you will lose easier and faster water weight + muscle mass.


Concerning the fat


One kilo of fat mass (2.2lbs.) is 4 times the volume of 1 kilo of muscle. Lose your fat and you lose a lot of volume.


Concerning the muscles


The muscles are your metabolic function. The more you have the faster your metabolic rate will be. The less you have the less calories you consume and your body will stock the fat.


Concerning the bones


It is so important to maintain your bone structure at a young age. Making sure we constantly watch this is important at any age. As we grow older are bones can lose their calcium which can eventually lead to arthritis.


Concerning the Daily Energy Intake (DEI)


If your calorie intake is superior than your energy spent each day your extra calories will be stocked. It will be stocked as fat which usually equates to 0.9g of fat for 10Kcal


Only 200Kcal which is a equivalent to a bar of chocolate is enough per year to let you gain 6.5kilos of fat mass(14.3lbs.)

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