Muscle Training
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RJ Training offers muscle training for :


Increasing muscle mass (Gain muscle mass with your arms, chest, legs...)


Aesthetic objectives (sculpt your buttocks, create a flat stomach, firm up your arms).


Relief with prevention of lumbar pain (no longer have back pain because of maintaining extended hours driving or at your desk)


Building muscle and toning (fight the sloughing of the skin associated with aging)


• Improvement / posture correction


Lose fat. Weight training may be a more effective way to lose fat. The practice of bodybuilding is not only on the muscular development. By increasing basal metabolism, it helps our bodies to spend more calories at rest. Cumulative to the cardio, weight training is an excellent way to eliminate fat, even while sleeping!


Gain weight. Weight training may be a more effective way to take weight without fat(lean mass). The bodybuilding constituting these programs is classified into two categories: exercises with load or exercises in the body weight without hardware. (an explanation at the RJ Training shop. These charges are free weights (dumb-bells, bars, etc.) Guided machines are better for beginners and can be very effective for the advanced as well.

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