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To give you more details; our organisms use 2 types of carburants to give us all the energy we need throughout the day. Glycogene (sugars) is the primary one and then we start tapping are reserves called fat which is the second. With an quick effort/intense) we prioritize the usage of glycogene and when we lessen the intensity and make a longer effort we start to use our reserves that will eventually make you lose weight.


The weight loss can vary between 2 -4 pounds per week. Of course, we all need to raise are daily levels of burning this energy and to reduce are caloric intake. What this means is: we need to be more active and eat more controlled meals. Not to mention; a food plan that is well balanced can give your body all the nutriments, vitamins and minerals necessary for an optimal function.


Cardio vascular diseases are in a class of their own. The system is made up of blood vessels which comprise your arteries, veins and capillaries.


All cardio vascular diseases refer to all our cardio vascular systems that are affected in many different ways. Through the brain vessels, the kidneys and the numerous arteries we can become ill if we don’t work this system correctly. Where the causes of these diseases are diverse; Atherosclerosis and Hypertension are the most common.


Besides all of this as we grow older there will be certain changes we will experience physically and morphologically. This can cause changes in our cardio vascular systems and alter our functions as we can raise our risks. These can even occur to the most sane people when you least expect it.


Unfortunately, cardio vascular diseases are the number one cause of deaths in this world. In the last 20 years in countries where people make higher revenues the deaths tolls have been reduced, other countries that make less money have had a rising rhythm of deaths. Normally these diseases attack older people but we already have the affects happening when we are young. So if we can make preventative measures early in life we can sop the primary cause of atherosclerosis. So let’s join together and reduce the risks of these terrible diseases and start with being more active, eat correctly and STOP smoking!!

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